Friday, October 7, 2011

Flu vaccines 2011 year

Hi All,
At the time of this blog, we have many doses of the preservative free injectable flu vaccine for my patients and parents with insurance coverage. The vaccine for children program provides flu vaccines for children with medicaid, Fidelis and child health plus insurance. For what ever reason they are having distribution problems and we have not received our shipment. The program representative says they should be here any day. We started out the flu season with the flu mist vaccine in August. Due to the overwhelming success, we are temporarily out of the mist as of the week of October 7th. The company has promised me more flu mist to come within the week. I will keep this blog updated when I receive more mist and the VFC vaccines. I encourage a my patients and patents to receive the injectable as soon as possible. I am an advocate of the flu vaccine not only because it affords protection against the flu strains that are in the vaccine but also because it is our only recourse for protection against newer strains.
Happy Flu season

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