Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just received H1N1 injectable preservative free!!!!

Even though the NY state health department emailed me that I would not be receiving any vaccine for the week, I just received 100/200 doses. Yeah!!! This vaccine can be given to all ages and any medical condition. The allotment provides 200 doses for ages under 36 months and 100 doses for over 36 months. I continue to have H1N1 nasal mist and seasonal preservative free. So, please schedule your appointment. M. Hartle

County Departments of Health Phone Numbers

Genesee 585-344-2580 ext 5000
Livingston 585-243-7299
Monroe 585-753-5600 option 3
Ontario 585-396-4343
Orleans 585-589-3278
Wayne 315- 946-5749
Yates 315-536-5160
Hope these numbers are helpful.
M. Hartle

Monday, November 30, 2009

Flu News 11/30/09

At present, the office has a supply of preservative free injectable seasonal flu vaccine and nasal mist of the H1N1/swine flu vaccine. We are sad to say that the office did not receive even a small fraction of the requested injectable H1N1 vaccines. In my next blog, I will post the phone numbers for the counties' flu clinics. Reliable information about the epidemic can be obtained on the website. Have a nice day! M. Hartle