Tuesday, October 18, 2011

VFC flu vaccine is in!!!!!!!

Yeah !!!! All my flu vaccines are finally in!!!!! I have preservative free injectable , and flu mist for all insurances. On Saturday the 22nd of October I will sit in the office 9 until noon. Anyone who wants a flu vaccine of any kind can just walk in and receive one. I am happy to take care of parents also. Please note that last year some of the parents insurances didn't cover the flu vaccine. I know this is strange. I will bill your insurance and if they do not cover the cost, I will just charge the cost of the vaccine which is $20. By the way I ordered the VFC vaccines August 13th. So much for my being proactive when it comes to the state. Dr. M

Friday, October 7, 2011

Flu vaccines 2011 year

Hi All,
At the time of this blog, we have many doses of the preservative free injectable flu vaccine for my patients and parents with insurance coverage. The vaccine for children program provides flu vaccines for children with medicaid, Fidelis and child health plus insurance. For what ever reason they are having distribution problems and we have not received our shipment. The program representative says they should be here any day. We started out the flu season with the flu mist vaccine in August. Due to the overwhelming success, we are temporarily out of the mist as of the week of October 7th. The company has promised me more flu mist to come within the week. I will keep this blog updated when I receive more mist and the VFC vaccines. I encourage a my patients and patents to receive the injectable as soon as possible. I am an advocate of the flu vaccine not only because it affords protection against the flu strains that are in the vaccine but also because it is our only recourse for protection against newer strains.
Happy Flu season

Monday, September 27, 2010

All the flu vaccines have arrived. Anyone eligible for the flu mist should make an appointment asap. I will start the injectable as of the first of October. I am arranging a Saturday flu clinic and will post the date soon. Happy flu season!
To my beloved patients,
As of October 1st, the insurance companies have instructed me to bill for evenings after 5pm and weekends with a different code. I honestly do not know if this change will be reflected in a different copay for my patients. I apologize if this proves a financial sacrifice.
Marcy Hartle

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Schedule Your Summer Physicals

Summer physical appointments are going fast. So, please don't wait until August to call for an appointment. Have a safe summer!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just received H1N1 injectable preservative free!!!!

Even though the NY state health department emailed me that I would not be receiving any vaccine for the week, I just received 100/200 doses. Yeah!!! This vaccine can be given to all ages and any medical condition. The allotment provides 200 doses for ages under 36 months and 100 doses for over 36 months. I continue to have H1N1 nasal mist and seasonal preservative free. So, please schedule your appointment. M. Hartle

County Departments of Health Phone Numbers

Genesee 585-344-2580 ext 5000
Livingston 585-243-7299
Monroe 585-753-5600 option 3
Ontario 585-396-4343
Orleans 585-589-3278
Wayne 315- 946-5749
Yates 315-536-5160
Hope these numbers are helpful.
M. Hartle